MagModz and Social Development

Early social and educational development is pivotal for healthy brain growth during infancy and throughout childhood.  Toys are a welcomed item in keeping with imagination and a form of storytelling and problem solving. The behaviors allow storytelling and problem solving to help teach them the social skills and moral lessons they need in developing early peer and family relationships. Setting rules and parameters to the games and using these elements allow for structure and language development to occur.

Magmodz are unique cars and trucks which allow for the interchange of segmented colors. This product allows for children to exchange these segments, all while conversing with one another about the story and rules behind their reasoning for the exchange. Magmodz have magnets which allow for easy disconnection and transfer to other segments, making multiple colors, lengths and assists them in learning how to count and share with members of their peer group.

-  Angela Boutwell

Enlarge Combination Table.


MagModz are so fun to play with that learning new concepts comes almost as a second nature. When they are snapping there favorite colors together they are learning color coordination. The longer and more pieces they combine in a car leads to the question “How many pieces do you have in that car?”. It is so fun to watch how excited your child gets when they can tell you how many pieces are in their super long car that they created. To watch the amazement in there eyes when the MagModz snap on to a fork at the restaurant table and you can then explain to them wonders of magnetization. You will find MagModz to be beneficial to children of all learning levels. We love to hear the ways our product has been helping educate your toddlers.


Due to MagModz unique design and attaching system they are very entertaining and captivate the imagination for hours of play. MagModz are the perfect product to hide in your purse and bring out during church, eating out with friends and any place where you want to keep them quiet. The overwhelming number of combinations that can be quickly and easily created by simply snapping them together is amazing. With only five Trick 'N Trade “Limo” pieces to make it over a foot long.