Quality Made Product


Only the best material and process are used when manufacturing MagModz. With many quality checks through out the manufacturing process. Starting with durable ABS injected plastic parts such as the stylish body shells and the practical base and magnet housing. Followed by precision installation of the magnets in each piece and assembly of these components. We then carefully package each car in its own unique tin case. Each MagModz car is made with quality in mind with limited quantity runs to insure attention is given to each piece. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality you will find in your MagModz toy cars.

Only the best material and process are used in when manufactoring MagModz

Safe Toys

MagModz toy cars are designed with safety first. The Magnets are securely housed in the base that is then installed into the body shell. Thus completely encapsulates the magnets in each individual piece. Though each piece attaches without repelling this was accomplished without any magnets moving or flipping. This greatly increases the safety of MagModz and insures a wonderful experience for your loved ones for years to come.